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How to get our Free counselling now

Virtue Consultancy Services have more than twenty years of experience counselling Nigerian students and preparing them to study abroad.

Counselling is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the different educational systems. Suppose you’re looking for more information about a specific institution or more information.

In that case, you will receive first-class service at no extra cost, placing you in the most suitable institution to ensure a happy and prosperous study time.

Do you need free counseling do call us or send an email

Mobile: +234-803-307-0157
Mobile: 234-807-173-8205

Email: info@virtueconsult.com

Skype: virtueconsult68

We help to ensure that your visa application is successful.

We assist you in preparing your visa application. With our vast experience in visa arrangement, we ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted for the visa application to be successful.

We must emphasise that we do not influence the approval of study permits. The final decision lies with the embassy.

Pre-departure briefing: To ensure that you have the best possible chance to settle when you arrive in your country of study, we have developed a comprehensive series of pre-departure briefings given in small groups. Our experienced staff provides the briefings.

COMPREHENSIVE BACK-UP {OPTIONAL}: Virtue Consultancy Services believe that our services should not terminate after our students depart the shores of Nigeria. We offer to help students overcome difficulties that may arise during their studies. We also assist parents in monitoring their ward’s progress overseas, if they so desire, through constant feedback.